In Elcomindo, we truly value and respect the effort and work that our customers had invested in the products trusted to us for the final touch

Office & Workshop

Jl. Raya Jatake No. 99
Caringin, Kec. Legok
Tangerang, Banten 15330


Telp : +62 21 542 70099

Our Business Details

Land Size : 8000 sqm
Employee : 60 Persons

Production Capacity

Loading Capacity : 2000 sqm / 2 production lines
Expandable to 5 lines

Production Fascility

Steel & Aluminium Surface Treatment 2 Spray Booth Conveyor Curing Oven


Greetings! Thank you for allowing me to take the pleasure in welcoming you into the world of Elcomindo. The world of Powder Coating, bringing colors for esthetic and identity, at the same time serves it main purpose of protection to ensure the long live of the metal products being coated. In Elcomindo, we truly value and respect the effort and work that that our customers had invested in the products trusted to us for the final touch. In doing so, we oblige ourselves to deliver hearty quality and service. We are compassionate in achieving our goal in being the best independent choice in the powder coating applicator industry. We believe in promoting our values to our stakeholders through 2 medium missions: expansion of capacities for economic benefits and upgrading knowledge for better techniques.

The existing 2 production lines are readily be taken up to 5 lines given the right circumstances. We keep on working closely with our vendors and customers to understand and learn of possible improvements needed to better our capabilities in giving the best to this industry. I sincerely implore the opportunity from you to allow our team in bringing the final touch to your products. Be it for the purpose of merely beautification or for the look and to preserve the lifetime of your products. Do allow yourself to experience the satisfaction from working with us.


Thank you.
Best Wishes, Halim Chandra

Our Services

We serve various types of work from different industries, including: Aluminum Industry, Electrical Panels, Electronics, Furniture, Construction, Automotive, Medical Equipment, Sports Equipment and etc. The work can be on a large or small scale.

Colour Assessment

We ensure that our products are produced in accordance with RAL standards, so that the colors we offer are in line with international standards and meet customer needs

Mechanical Testing

We also want to ensure that each material we work on meets the recommended standard for coating thickness and paint adhesion set by the power manufacturer.


We guarantee that every job we undertake follows SOPs and undergoes strict quality control to ensure that every product we produce meets the established quality standards.


We pride ourselves on exceptional flavors & deliver all around the country. We are focused on valuing your frozen cravings that will melt all your trouble away.

  • Logistic

    Material Acceptance Raw Material Quality Control

  • Schedule

    Production Schedule Material Planing

  • Treatment

    Raw Material Grouping and Process Treatment Stages before painting

  • Production

    Powder Coating Process Checking temperature and melting time

  • QC & Packing

    Quality inspection process as well as packaging before sending to customers

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